Translating Baudelaire’s Poetry – by R J Dent


One of the frustrations, the challenges, the problems; probably the joys, of translating is choosing the correct idiom to translate into. Taking the words, sentences, phrases, lines, from the language of one country and translating them into the corresponding or equivalent language of another country is the type of work that can be done by almost anyone.

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A Collaboration of Unlike Minds: Robert Graves’ and William Blake’s Tiger by R J Dent


Even the most cursory glance will reveal some fundamental differences between the above two versions of the same poem. Robert Graves’ rewrite came about due to a number of flaws he felt existed in William Blake’s poem. He writes of these in ‘Tyger, Tyger’, an essay collected in The Crane Bag and Other Disputed Subjects. In the essay, Graves is particularly scathing of Blake’s tendency to mix his

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