The Flowers of Evil & Artificial Paradise

Graphic - The Flowers of Evil & Artificial Paradiseby Charles Baudelaire

Translated by R J Dent

‘Baudelaire was the first incarnation of the modern mind…’
– Guillaume Apollinaire

Charles Baudelaire, poète maudit, the self-styled Satanic man whose seminal collection THE FLOWERS OF EVIL (Les Fleurs du Mal) is marked by paeans to sexual degradation such as The Litanies Of Satan and Metamorphosis Of The Vampire. Baudelaire himself revelled in a life of filth, and kept a diseased mulatto prostitute as his poetic muse.

THE FLOWERS OF EVIL is now presented in R J Dent’s brand new translation that vividly brings Baudelaire’s masterpiece to life for the new millennium.

This volume also includes key texts from Baudelaire’s ARTIFICIAL PARADISE, his notorious examination of the effects of intoxication by alcohol and psychotropic drugs. In On Wine And Hashish and The Poem Of Hashish, Baudelaire brilliantly evokes the agony and ecstasy of addiction.

This book also contains an introductory essay by Guillaume Apollinaire, published for the first time in English.

Odilon Redon’s cover picture, which he painted specifically for The Flowers of Evil, perfectly captures the zeitgeist of Baudelaire’s 19th century Paris.

Photograph - BaudelaireThe Flowers of Evil & Artificial Paradise
Charles Baudelaire
Translated by R J Dent

ISBN-10: 0-9799847-7-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9799847-7-8

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