Moonstone Silhouettes

moonstonesilhouettesby R J Dent

Moonstone Silhouettes is the debut poetry collection by poet, novelist and translator R J Dent. It offers the reader a selection of strange characters and surreal landscapes. It also contains elegies for lost friends and poems in praise of literary influences, as well as modern translations of French and ancient Greek poems.

Underlying this collection of intense, vibrant and evocative poems is a poetic vision that transforms the subject matter into a celebration of the ethereal and the mystical.

Praise for R J Dent’s Moonstone Silhouettes

‘Accomplished… the poetry has a resonance’
K.M. Newmann (Summer Palace Press)

‘Good – clear, witty and interesting’
Matthew Taylor (Monkey Kettle)

‘The poems are well-crafted and have things to say’
Patricia Oxley (Acumen)

‘Obviously excellent’
Barry Tebb (Sixties Press)

‘Very American in style… the epitome of work I like to publish’
Ian Deal (Poet Tree)

‘Interesting and atmospheric’
David Caddy (Tears in the Fence)

‘Hauntingly beautiful’
Josephine Austin (First Time)

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