myth01R J Dent’s novel, Myth, is now available in paperback and e-book formats.

Myth is a dark, erotic horror/fantasy novel set on a Greek island. It tells the story of a holidaying couple who hear about the chimera, a strange mythical creature that lives in the hills. They, of course, are skeptical, but also curious. Eventually, curiosity wins out and they set off with a guide, up into the hills to see the chimera for themselves. Obviously things aren’t as they seem and the couple end up trapped in the hills, fighting for survival against a ferocious enemy with multiple hearts of darkness; a relentless and savage being that will not stop until they are both destroyed.

R J Dent states: ‘I wrote Myth because I was interested in the way people change when they’re in a foreign country – they either go native, become very nationalistic, or else become a wistful hybrid of the two. That was my starting point. I then simply added a Greek myth scenario, using the chimera as the indigenous antagonist.

‘The Greek myth element decided the location, and the rest was simply charting what happened to the couple. I used Pavese’s idea that ‘travelling is a brutality’ – and that was it; I had my novel. All that was needed was an ending – which was made clear to me after I read Robert Graves’ comment that every Greek myth had a regional variation. With that in mind, I gave Myth seven very different regional variations.’

Just to put the book into context, one reviewer has written that Myth is ‘a cross between An American Werewolf in London and Clive Barker’s Nightbreed.’ If you haven’t seen Nightbreed, it’s a marvelous film based on Clive Barker’s excellent novel, Cabal.

‘Writing Myth was a very good experience,’ says R J Dent. ‘I used a great deal of my familiarity with, and love of, various Greek islands, to inform my novel. I used locations, characters, and even names that I know well. For the last seven years I’ve steeped myself in Greek culture and I hope that love of Greece is reflected in Myth.’

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by R J Dent

ISBN: 1 – 843862 – 67 – 0

Paperback and e-book

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